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Teaching Jobs in Germany – Everything You Should Know

Germany, like various other nations in the European Union, always has requirements for English teachers. There are a few things you must know if you would like to teach English anywhere in Germany.


When it comes to citizens from any of the EU nations, Germany has a liberal policy, allowing people to teach in the country. If you are from the EU, you do not need a visa or permit to live and work in Germany. All you need to do is visit your local registration office and register your German address.

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Photo Credit: uLe @ Dortmund

Finding a teaching job in Germany

The peak seasons for finding teaching jobs in Germany in Germany depend on the city or town you plan on teaching in. Small cities need teachers all year round when compared with larger cities. These small cities include Dresden, Leipzig, and Erfurt. Popular destinations usually have abundance of people looking for teaching jobs, so making big cities like Berlin, Hamburg, and Munich a second option would be a great idea.

Offering private lessons in English also opens up various venues for prospective teachers. This way you can teach students of all ages and backgrounds, giving you a chance to meet a lot of local people.

When you are ready to start working, apply to schools online or directly by going over to the campus. Do not rule out freelance work, which can sometimes be more lucrative when compared to a full-time job.

Make sure you highlight your experience and skills, because sometimes having qualifications alone is not enough. Show employers that you are equipped with all the necessary skills to enrich their students and keep them constantly engaged.

Quality of life

Germany is known to have a high quality of life as it is one of the EU’s most prosperous nations. Germany is popular for tourists and jobs, which will give you a chance to meet a lot of people and experience things you wouldn’t be able to anywhere else in the world.

Germany is known for rich culture and great traditions in terms of festivals and events. Although there have been times of unrest, Germany boasts of longer periods of peace and tranquillity. The culture of this country will surely fulfil your soul and life if you live and teach in Germany.

Germany also gives its residents easy access to other parts of Europe, although you will be taken aback and be quite busy with all that Germany has to offer.

Few other important things to know

Try learning a little German before you crash land in Germany, because the language is quite hard and it would always help to know the basics of the local tongue. Germany is known for its beer and parties, so if you like to unwind after a hard day’s work, you are in the right place.

The cost of apartments is very reasonable in Germany, so you will be pleasantly surprised if you come from a place where real estate is expensive. Be ready to walk a lot, unless you have a vehicle of your own.


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